BMW Racing Team: Kruger withdraws from TT2014 out of respect for Andrews Isle of Man.

Pressemitteilung // Press Release BMW Racing Team
Real Road Racings 2014
Datum / Date: 06/06/2014
Ort / Location: Isle of Man

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Canadian racer Dan Kruger withdraws from the 2014 Tourist Trophy Races at the Isle of Man out of respect of his late team mate Simon Andrews.
Kruger had to face a couple of things during those TT fortnight. Only one week before he was at Simon’s side when he passed away after his bad crash at the NorthWest 200.
Kruger took on the Isle of Man practices as Newcomer but was affected by bad weather and only a few laps. Furthermore the Canadian didn’t get his head free into racing. During yesterday’s, Thursday, final practice session, Kruger rode his last practice lap of the TT 2014 and withdraws from today’s Highlight race, the Senior TT over six laps.
Dan Kruger:
“It’s a hard time for all of us and first of all I want to thank my BMW Racing Team. They supported me in every aspect and never put pressure on me. We discussed my decision all together and everyone understood me. This year I just don’t get my head free and I only had too few laps round here. Wherever you look in the paddock, Simon is there and I withdraw from the race also out of respect for him and his family. At the TT 2015 I will give it another try to tackle the Mountain Course.”

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Dan Kruger Ballaugh mon practice

Dan Kruger LR mon practice

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